Sinergi Aspirasi Global Sdn Bhd

Sinergi Aspirasi Global Sdn. Bhd. (SINERGI) is a social enterprise set up to implement social partnership between Government and corporate community with the local community. The main focus of SINERGI was to eradicate poverty through improved economic and social status in society Malaysia through empowerment of thoughts and skills of the individual.

Community Development

Community development refers to efforts to improve the standard of living and well-being and quality of life of the local community. These efforts can be implemented by the community itself or the community in conjunction with development agents, the Government or non-government. Community development as a national development strategy has resulted in success, in particular in the programmes planned.

Corporate Training

Our training programs include Enhancing management skills, Staff Development, customer service, work ethic, entrepreneur development, Team Building, motivation, Self Improvement, corporate image problem solving decision making, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation and other customized Programs.

Community Development

Entrepreneur development programme organised by the Sinergi Aspirasi Global and resulted in positive feedback from the participants. Education and knowledge given can change the fate of entrepreneurs to be more successful and will determine the nation's future and he wanted to take part in building a better future for future generations.

The Testimony Of Participants